Welcome to SWAMP BEAR ART 

custom chainsaw carving & wood work

NOW AVAILABLE for your next event !!!

We are continuously adding to the ice portfolio as it is a new expansion of what Swamp Bear Art is all about. 
The following are merely examples of previous works...if you want it we can likely do it as creativity has no limits.  Let us know your needs and we can take care of the rest.
Custom sculptures, luges, ice bars and more!!! 
** Check out our facebook page and follow our journey and let us create the memories for yours.

Here are a few examples of ice works I have completed for various events... 

Hey all welcome to my Ice Sculpture Gallery.  Below you will see the work SURFING THE NORTH...click on the photo directly below to see the link to help me with your Vote for a win in in the National ice Sculpture contest held by the Canadian Heritage Society and Winterlude 2021