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custom chainsaw carving & wood work

I now live in the beautiful province of New Brunswick in a small rural community known as Browns Flat.  Having lived in several provinces across Canada i was able to explore and experience so much of what my country has to offer before deciding to settle down and start my career as an artist. Through every path I've taken, I have always stayed very close to nature: it has been my inspiration and light. 

I am grateful to have worked as a professional canoe guide, snowboard instructor in the Rocky Mountains, guide at a world class dog sled tour company (see Snowy Owl Dogsled Tours - Canmore, Alberta), built large salvage timber structures, worked as a deck hand on ocean fishing boats, worked as an organic farmer, tree planted, and so much more.  The Coasts and the rest of Canada has shared so much with me and I am forever grateful to be a born and raised Canadian.

After returning East I began to explore the art of chainsaw carving...

The beauty of the saw is that no two pieces are identical though they may have similarities and possibilities are endless regarding size and subject matter.  I have slowly began to record and categorize my work, some of which is posted on this site and or my Facebook page. 

I have enjoyed experiencing over the years, prior to chainsaw carving, creating art with the use of traditional tools such as axe's, adzes, chisels and bush knives in my spare time.  I find making art via these methods very time consuming yet satisfying in the end and though the majority of my work is done with chainsaw now I still use traditional methods from time to time.

The chainsaw can easily be accredited for almost 80-90% of my works I do nowadays. Since I started my business in the summer of 2012, I have begun to hone my skills with a saw and grown to love it above all tools. This modern day wood working tool allows me to create larger pieces in less time but definitely requires much more patience, precision, and practice.

After entering my first competition - only a few months after taking chainsaw carving seriously- I won first place overall at the 2012 Atlantic Canadian Chainsaw Sculpting Championships (Fredericton, NB) - see above photo.

I tied again for first place at the 2013 Atlantic Canadian Chainsaw Sculpting Championships and reclaimed the title for my own in 2014.  A challenging and amazing feat indeed and my thanks goes out to all my fellow eastern carvers for sharing those moments with me.

I look forward to entering competitions across north America and the world in the coming future as my career as an artist progresses.  In 2017 I was apart of an international carving competition in Germany representing Canada and am proud to say we came home with first place Gold!

  I look forward to growing even more in the years to come with what I now proudly call my profession. I can't wait for the challenges to come and to someday be recognized worldwide for my work. 

Until then, thank you so much for all your support as clients and friends.  Please feel free to contact  me about any project you may have in mind.  You could be the proud owner of one of my best carvings or projects yet!

*If you like something you see on my site, or want something totally unique for yourself, feel free to scratch on the den of the bear and maybe I can rustle something up for you and yours.

Yours truly,

Joel Palmer
aka. Swamp Bear

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Working on a cedar canoe, 2011

My First Market Tent

July, 2012
Though I've since upgraded, this is my homemade tent that I was using for road-side displays and farmer's markets.